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Zim to Neptune is a classic space themed shoot ’em up game. It is cleverly designed to challenge your reflexes and wits. Go on lone assaults through space, as you take on relentless alien space ships and waves of incoming asteroids and meteors. Adventure to different planets such as Mars until you power your way to Neptune. Even continue your expedition until you arrive to the mysterious planet called Zim. Earn stars as you destroy oncoming aliens to upgrade your ship on your expedition through this gravity defying adventure. This Shoot ’em up (shmup or STG) will immerse you in a classic space environment like no other. Features ★ Gravity defying power up system to take on hordes of alien ships. ★ Exciting ship upgrades to lengthen your expedition through space. ★ Classic space shooter game mechanics. The way you dreamed space to be as a child ★ Achievements to challenge your skills and an army of aliens, ★ Leader boards to take on the world and possibly space. ★ A Spin on the once popular Asteroid game. Come play this space shooter now for a great experience!

Zim to Neptune
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