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“So far, folks in developing countries who have access to smartphones have had to use them as little more than glorified iPods…YO! could change all of that with one fell swoop, if it spreads in communities yearning for connection….How exciting is it that we’re on the cusp of connecting the next billion people?”
——— appsZOOM.com Janel Torkington (Published: 2015-03-05) ———
YO! lets you connect and share with those who are most relevant to you: your friends, family, classmates and co-workers … wherever you go.
★ 5 billion people cannot afford to share
— YO! Lets everyone connect and share for free —
★ Share memories 1000x faster than today
— Share photos, files, music & videos over WiFi without the slowness of the Internet —-
★ Send messages ‘off-the-grid’ for better privacy
— Hyperlocal means your data will never pass through central servers—
YO! is a free mobile app that lets users send data, peer-to-peer, between Android-based smartphones (cross platform coming soon). The data – be it any message, video, photo, song, file, or .apk application file – is transmitted over existing WiFi routers and access points without ever going to the Internet.
Use YO! to message, share, and communicate from one side of a school to the other. Communicate all across a university campus without using any data or Internet bandwidth. Share files and documents between office floors. And then when you get home, share videos, music, apps, and photos with your family easily.
YO! uses patent-pending technology to transfer files over WiFi and your local network. This technology uses a proprietary communication protocol as well as parts of the technology behind WiFi Direct for Android devices and Multipeer Connectivity Framework within Apple devices to make it easy to connect and share across devices.
If you do not have access to a WiFi router (remember, you can use any old WiFi router… it doesn’t have to be connected to the Internet), you can turn your phone into an instant HotSpot and you can share and connect with your friends and classmates with the same speed and simplicity.
YO! also has an Internet messaging service to let you share across the world if you want to share with someone who is not nearby and part of your local network.
English, Spanish, Bengali (Bangla) – More languages coming soon.
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