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Add your best moments and your best pictures to your personal wall. Later, access all the pictures of your special moments again without endless searching and scrolling. A cool evening? A fun photo? An emotional moment? Simply make an addition to your wall!

1. Shoot a photo
2. Put it on your wall with a caption and your preferred shape
3. You’re done: your special moment will not be forgotten

Build your wall by adding pictures and memories, then access them again whenever you want. With the wall of the ymportant app, all your most magical, precious, fun or important moments stay with you. ymportant is the home on your smartphone for your life’s emotions and memories. The wall you build is smart and gives you direct access to surrounding photos. You decide what to see, for example everything you ever did in the city of Paris or with your friend Julia.

ymportant – build your wall and catch the little things in your life.

Value your experiences – use ymportant and keep what you want.

All data are yours and stored locally on your device.

Supported Devices: