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Wordfolio is a must-have app for any foreign language learner and a unique way to store all the foreign words you learn. Forget those “Vocabulary” notebooks that you bring to your language classes! Save all the new words to Wordfolio, and the app will help you memorize them as quickly as possible.

Wordfolio is always at your fingertips. Whether you are in a class, reading a book in a foreign language or talking to a native speaker, Wordfolio is there to help you quickly record words to practice them later.

The app allows you to not only easily save and search words, but also to memorize them with the help of regular exercises based on spaced repetition.

It allows you to focus on the foreign words that are relevant specifically to you, that is, the words you really want to learn and use in everyday life.

+ Add new words quickly and easily
+ Store all your words on the iCloud and access them from any of your iOS devices
+ Reminders to practice a word precisely when you plan to
+ Works for all languages supported by the iOS
+ Easy word search
+ Organize your words into groups (by topics, lessons, parts of speech, and so on ― whichever you find convenient)
+ Add notes to your words, such as pronunciation or examples of usage
+ Sort words alphabetically or by time of adding
+ Archive the words you have properly memorized
+ Learn several languages at once and be a true polyglot!
+ Convenient and intuitive interface

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