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Word Fall is a classic word building game with a twist.

With the simplest rule of making words, we bring to you a challenging game with newer rules.
Make words using the letters on the tiles until all the available spaces on the board don’t get filled.

Sounds simple?
Here’s the twist – the letters don’t have to be adjacent to each other, they can be spread anywhere on the board. However, the grid fills fast starting with the bottom row all the way to the top. Each letter used in making a word will get replaced with a new letter starting with the bottom one first.

Your objective is to make the most words without letting your grid get filled.

Also, with Google Game Services, you can show off your skills to the world while you unlock achievements and secure the top spot! Word Fall is highly competitive too!

Points system:
2 letter words – 2 points.
3 letter words – 3 points.
4 letter words – 4 points.
5, 6 and 7 letter words have 10, 12 and 14 points respectively.
8 and 9 letter words have 24 and 27 points + the bottom most row being wiped out.
Words that are longer than that earn you the length of the word (example 10) x 4 points (example 40) + bottom two rows being wiped out.

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