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Word Creativity Kit is a creative writing App for the poets and writers of the future. It gives the user a chance to think outside of the box, create found poetry, fill the head with new ideas, laugh at silly sentences and have fun.

Word Creativity Kit is based on the concept of random stimulus in creative writing, such as Random entry technique for lateral thinking. Those are open-ended activities meant to stimulate creative and divergent thinking.

The app is a sandbox meant as a tool for helping students with creative writing and overcoming the fear of not being creative in a safe environment.

In addition to being a powerful creative writing tool Word Creativity Kit increases vocabulary and teaches grammar to users of all ages. It can therefore be useful in teaching and training English both to native English speakers as well as those learning it as a foreign language.

The possibilities are endless and in Word Creativity Kit the goal is to give you free reign to play with words and images to create whatever you feel like. Of course a teacher or a parent can come up with rules or tasks but the toolkit does not force it on the user. The main thing is to create, have fun and share your creations with friends and family if you feel like it.

You can use all the starting words or just a part of them. You can add words, both by writing your own and by getting additional random words from a database of more than 4500 words. That way you can make the robot army funny instead of bald.
Your creation can stand by itself as a poem, joke or a story or you can use it as an inspiration to a larger project such as a whole book or a movie.

But it’s not just the words that make Word Creativity Kit so fun to play with. You can change the size of your words, tilt them or make them stand upside down. You can change colors, backgrounds and fonts. You can also decorate and enhance your creation by adding stickers from a diverse collection.

All family members can have their own creativity book with a customisable look, name and description. Creations are saved in your custom creativity book and you can have as many books as you like.

Best Apps For Kids 4.5/5 Stars
“The Word Creativity Kit provides a unique system to explore the interplay between text and
visual design that will stimulate creativity as well as creative writing.”
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“Best Writing app for kids”
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“A great app that provides kids with the tools to create a book or journal.”
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“ingenious way to give kids a little boost in the storytelling direction”
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Words include all available forms. This helps children to learn grammar and remember those hard to learn irregularities.
* 7 word categories.
* More than 4500 words.
* Add your own custom words, including names of family members or holidays.
* Lots of background images.
* Select any font you like.
* Change background color or use a background image.
* Change magnet color.
* Change font color.
* Add stickers for decoration.
* Read book in full screen
* Export book to iBooks (as pdf)
* Resize and manipulate words and stickers with pinch and pan gestures.
* Save your creation to the photo library or send to your friends and family with email.

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