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Genre: Watch out Eggy is a puzzle based adventure game. Plot: Once upon a time the Egg Planet was attacked by some evil UFO. After destroying the planet they kidnapped many innocent eggs. They imprisoned them in their spaceship. Somehow some eggs able to escape from the prison. But they could not get out from the space ship because they were respectively attacked by the automatic laser system and other deadly weapons. Those courageous eggs almost managed to escape intelligently but they took the oath about not to flee without the rest of the prisoners. They became desperate to rescue them. Now the game begins… How to play: I)Tap to move/jump. II)You can only move to adjacent/nearest grid. III)Avoid the laser by jumping just before it gets touched. What to do: i)Collect keys to rescue prisoners & make your way to goal. ii)Find hidden object in each level for better score. iii)Each Bundle has 9 levels with 9 hidden objects. Find all to get 3 Armours (Special Power) as free. Features: 1.Innovative Game Play. 2. Exciting levels. 3.Special Power: Armour- It will protect you from the deadly lasers.

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