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A first of its kind travel app and website that bring together travelers who share their tours of the best places to go in top travel destinations. With VadoVia you can plan your trip, share your travels, connect with others and much, much more. VadoVia is your ultimate travel guide and vacation-planning tool. Open VadoVia in any city in the world, click once and a local map packed with functionality and information will appear. With VadoVia app, there’s no need to use multiple travel websites, guidebooks and apps. VadoVia is the travel app for travelers by travelers. Use VadoVia and join a community of travelers sharing their favorite places and things to do the world over.

Anywhere you are in the world open VadoVia and use this visually compelling app to:

• Find trips that other travelers have digitally captured in VadoVia as “tours”
• View other travelers’ photos, videos, notes, reviews and ratings
• Wander off the beaten track and add your own stops to existing tours
• Create your own tours by mapping an itinerary of stops on the map with photos, notes and videos.
• Connect with other travelers by sharing your location on the world map or choose to remain private.
• Send virtual postcards with your photo and personal message.
• Share your travels with family and friends via Facebook and Twitter
• Open the local map and get access to everything in your immediate vicinity.

In VadoVia travelers digitally capture their trips as TOURS. These are not tours in the traditional sense, but rather any mapped itinerary of stops. A “tour” can be any type of travel experience, from visiting “The best pubs in Dublin” to spending “The perfect romantic day in Paris”. The possibilities are limitless. Looking at trips that others have taken can inspire you to go where they’ve been or awaken your wanderlust to create a different travel experience of your own.

The VadoVia website is a companion to the App. On it you can:
• preview tours shared by others
• create new tours from your desk/laptop that will feed directly into the app
• edit your profile and your existing published or unpublished tours

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