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Do you miss the old phones with physical buttons which you were able to type without looking at your phone screen? What this app does is it revives the possibility of touch typing in modern touch screen phones. People who may find usage in this app: 1) Everyday users who want to touch type without relying on word prediction. 2) People who needs bigger keys, for example an elder person. 3) People who are visually impaired looking for easy to learn input method. The world’s first Android keyboard with only 4 keys! How it works: You can type a character by tapping a combination of keys. It is designed to be very intuitive and you don’t really need to memorize most of the combinations – just recall how you write a, b, c! Refer to the cheat sheet below and you’ll understand. A4 printer ready cheat sheet can be found here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9307455/touch_typing_instantly_cheat_sheet.png (also accessible within app settings) Features: 1) Type without looking at your screen! 2) Easy to learn 3) Could be set to read out characters and/or vibrate while typing to ensure correct input was made. 4) Bragging rights – become one of the few people in the world to type with only 4 keys :) 5) (In-app purchase) Customizable patterns – don’t like the preset patterns? Change them or add new ones. 6) (In-app purchase) Phrase input support – user defined phrases that were commonly used. Drawbacks: 1) Slow typing speed. 2) Only able to type limited number of punctuation marks/symbols in Free version. 3) Some basic keyboard functions might be missing. The warning message that says “this app can collect all the text you enter, including personal data and credit card numbers” is part of the Android operating system default behaviour when any third party keyboard is enabled. Don’t worry as this app doesn’t require internet access permission and it does not collect any data. Disclaimer: The developer will not be held responsible for any accidents caused either directly or indirectly by using this app in inappropriate situations. (e.g. Driving or entering the elevator) FAQs: Why 4 keys? We think that an average person could accurately identify a maximum of 4 distinct areas on the screen without looking at it. Increasing to 6 keys and we already see a huge drop in accuracy. On the other hand, 2 keys would need a lot of keystrokes to uniquely identify each character on the keyboard, not to mention memorizing them.

Touch Typing Instantly
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