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Three Crush! A delightful game that’s got your number.

Impress the League of Numbers by creating the largest Number Nymphs you can and crush them before you reach grid lock. In this fantasy world of numbers, matching Number Nymphs together can either make bigger monsters, or Power Gems to vanquish all foes in your path. Just remember, the bigger the Number Nymphs you slay, the more impressed the League of Numbers will be. One day, you might even get invited to join the League of Numbers. Just remember, there’s something very magical about the number 3!

Three Crush is the new puzzle craze!

– Infinite Play
– Build a reputation by unlocking Quirky Characters
– Set the mood with a delightful soundtrack & SFX
– Clear the board with Gem Bombs
– Compare reputations with Friends via FB

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Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad