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This app isn’t a walk in the park (although, there are tips and such on our website on how to go at your own pace if you need to work up to it – anyone can do it!).

All other fitness apps don’t even compare to this workout (even if you don’t have a dog). If you prepare for your chosen routine, you can go hands free (from your phone, not from your dog!) because it’s all voice instruction for the entire hour! It’s not just a few exercises, we populated 3600 seconds of every hour!

Thank Dog! welcomes you to the world’s first mobile app that combines cardio training, strength training and dog training for you and your dog to do together! You heard that right…we’ve taken 2 of the most needed daily tasks, exercise and an obedience routine and combined them into one mobile app to make your quality of life with your dog…that much greater!

You get to be outdoors, it’s a GREAT workout and SUPER FUN for you and your furry friend! You will get fit and your dog will gain respect for you, get trained and exercised!! You also save time and money!! You can’t beat it!

This program has appeared on the Today Show, Early Show, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, Animal Planet’s DOGS 101, The Dog Whisperer and many more!

You will need a resistance band, your iPhone and your dog!!

Please use the website provided with the app to prepare for your workouts (so your workout isn’t interrupted) and to receive tips and instructions on all commands and exercises used in the program! We also provided a workout tracker to print and use!

With this app, you will…

…have the ability to create a music playlist to accompany the workout along with being able to control it through the app.

…be taken through 20 1-hour routines with your dog and resistance band by a voice overlay (3600 seconds of every routine is accounted for!!).

…have video and image guidance if needed throughout the workout.

…be able to see the current exercise and command on the interface as they are instructed.

…be offered “How to” videos on how to teach your dog the 4 commands used in the program.

…be given explicit instructions on how the program works and examples of what the workout and dog training segments look like.

…have the option of *GPS tracking to see how far you went with your dog. Please note: continued use of the GPS in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

If you’re into fitness and you have a dog…a tired dog is a good dog, a trained dog is an even better dog! Get your iPhone, grab your leash and come train with us!!

THE ACTUAL SCREENSHOTS OF THE APP ARE WITHIN THE IMAGES BELOW AND OUTLINED IN WHITE. The background image and white text are not in the app, we just wanted to give you a visual of what it would look like.

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