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Count – MATHEMATICS GAME FOR THE SMALLEST Play with numbers and funny characters and learn math! The happy, yellow bird tells you what to do. Each of her eggs contains a set of activities. Can you enough, you get access to the colorful extra game! count is an educational game for tablets where children can learn simple math through play and try out. It is intended for the age group 5-8 years but also suitable for those who are younger or older. The game consists of many modules (single game) with tasks to be solved in scheduled order. An adult can easily customize content by limiting the modules child gets access to. How can the individual player get tasks and challenges that suits him or her. The number of modules can be expanded as your child develops and learns. tellers work equally well in teaching as for home use. It is made ​​of educators and supported by the Norwegian Directorate for Education. Language versions: Norwegian (nynorsk / Indonesia) and Spanish. Find user guide for teachers and parents on the website http://www.tella123.org/ count is developed in a collaboration between University College London (Centre for New Media), Norway Statped Vest Norway Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, Campus d’Alcoi, Spain

Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad