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Teach Your Kids To Read is a useful tool for those who are applying the method for early reading, created by Glenn Doman, but also for those who simply want to share the reading of new words with the children. You’ll let your child see some virtual flashcards, following the steps of the same method. For a complete and official description and application of the method refer to the Glenn Doman’s book “Teach your Baby to Read”. Learning to read English will be easy and fun. Something to do with your child that will help him grows and discovers new things. Teaching how to read is the best way to start the child to a deeper and faster education. Improve your children QI! Read from an early age also improves verbal and relationship skills. Reading is like learning to speak. The Alphabet (ABC) is available in uppercase and lowercase. You can teach the words already contained in the app or add new ones to create the first book to read with your child. Once your child will be able to read the English words, you can use the same app to let him learn how to read another language (Spanish, English, French) by adding new words and modifying the existing ones. The best app available for reading! Mummy, Daddy One by one, you’ll teach the first two words: mummy and daddy. The red color support to recognize the words. Clicking on the microphone icon it will be possible to record the pronunciation of the word using your own voice. The audio will be played when the word is shown or touching the screen. Me – Around Me You’ll teach the words belonging to the child himself/herself and the ones of the environment around him/her. The size of the font is barely smaller. You’re able to add new words and delete old ones. It’s also possible to record the pronunciation of the word using your own voice. My First Book You’ll be able to add and see single pages of the book that will be completed in the next step. A Real Book Starting on the pages created in the previous step, you’ll see the pages of the book in a smaller size. Now the kid can try t read the whole page which is composed by every sentence taught separately in the last step. Alphabet You’ll show the alphabet in capital and lower case letters. Quick Word A rapid way to write a word and let the child read. From the main menu you can decide the color of the word (red/black).

Teach Your Kids To Read
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