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Son of Snake game is the 21st century remake of the classic snake 1997 with new interesting levels. If you want to play old school snake game with modern snake then try son of snake game. Son of Snake game has five interesting levels with some hidden stages. 1 Eat an apple. 2 Catch the mouse with original snake. 3 chase flying birds with old Nokia snake 4 Compete with automatic controlled snake to eat apples 5 Compete with automatic controlled snake to catch mouse. This is harder level than others. Each level has fifteen stages with 1st stage ready to play, get 250 point to unlock next stage. You will get one star on 250, two stars on 500 and three stars on 1000 scores. So enjoy Son of Snake game, make highest score as high as you can and challenge your friends. Son of snake has a fun, both for children and adult. Two player mode——— —Two player can play this game with two snakes at same device. To play the snake game both players have separate keys on opposite sides. Play multiplayer snake game with your friends or partner just to enjoy.

Son Of Snake
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