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meLocator is an exciting new app that allows you to send directions to anyone for how exactly to find you. The app uses extremely precise GPS to help your friends find you when they are meeting you, or need directions. Did you ever have the experience of meeting a friend in a crowded place and not being able to find them? Well with this location sharing app, that problem is solved! Now you can share your location with your friends, and with our extremely accurate GPS, the app will literally lead you right to your friend! Here is how the app works. When you set a meeting location with a friend, once you arrive, you simply share your GPS location with them via this app, and they get a Google map with directions for how to get to you. But the app does much more than that. You can also choose any place in the world, and send directions to that place to anyone. Did you ever have to explain directions in the past? Or did you explain directions with a web-based map? It is much easier to get and follow directions on a mobile app since you are on the go. meLocator (GPS) is one of the easiest ways to securely share your GPS location with anyone in real time. No sign-up needed and no new social network to manage. People whom you want to give directions receive an SMS allowing them to view your location in real-time and navigate to you using Google Maps if required. meLocator (GPS) is easy to use, requiring only a single tap of a finger to share your GPS location with your loved-ones, friends, and relatives. meLocator (GPS) works on all phones which have GPS running Android 3 or newer. meLocator (GPS) – Features: * Navigation: With just a tap of a finger it is possible to find the shortest and the quickest directions to reach your friend’s location * Multi-Platform: send location from an android device using this app and recipients can use any smartphone without installing the app to locate your locations using directions that the app sends them. * Share location: send any location from the map by long-tapping on the map location * Simple & Easy: no friend lists to manage (Your Contacts are your friends) or no sign-up so everyone can use it * Safe & secure: location that you share is only received by your recipients to whom you send location and directions * Open: share location and give directions to any of your contacts * Global: works anywhere you have GPS and a data / internet connection * Live & Quick: share location in real-time with only a single tap to send directions! _______________________________________ Use meLocator (GPS) to: * When facing a hard time explaining directions, just a long-tap on the map to send directions and solve the issue * Share your meeting point with your business clients, friends, or any other contacts * Let others know where you are by explaining your location with a visual map * Organize a night out with family and friends * Easily arrange a party for your kids (or yourself) with our location app * Plan a meet-up and send precise directions to everyone in event attendance * Give directions and direct emergency personnel to you quickly * Share your current location with anyone, privately (only the people you choose see it) * Call up a mechanic if your car is broken, and explain directions for how to get to you with a map * Get directions if you are lost _______________________________________ We would LOVE TO HEAR FROM OUR USERS about any issues or suggestions or even your feedback, you can email us anytime at [email protected]

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