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We present our new App from the award winning team of Sami APPS: the perfect solution for small kids and their parents: control what YouTube Videos your kids can see giving them the freedom to choose.

The YouTube Video player with integrated parental control to protect our small kids giving them a big choice of kids approved videos.

Kids Safe Video Player is the perfect solution for our small kids that enables them to learn and have fun with their favorite videos without unexpected surprises.

SAMI APPS has created this app where kids can navigate in channels, videos and playlists on content that previously approved by their parents.


– 4 main categories: learn, play, dance, laugh
– we have already selected the best YouTube videos, channels, playlists for your kids
– if your kid likes a video, it will be shown in his favorites folder
– new YouTube Videos can only be added by you, so you can control all content your kid see
– we have a timer to limit the time you kid is viewing videos
– nice and sleek preview of videos

We are frequently adding new videos to discover.

Enjoy YouTube videos in a save mode with your kids.


Disclaimer: we are using YouTube technology to see the videos. We are not part of YouTube or YouTube Kids and can not control publicity that is shown in those videos.

Education, Media & Video
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