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【Game introduction 】 I will earn money (G) rapidly with a slide puzzle! This game is a game which earns money and saves money. Download of “RUSH MONEY” is no charge! It is a charge in part. However, no charge can also play a game. ■A cardinal rule is an easy slide puzzle. It can erase, if a block is made to slide to a vacant part and the block of the four or more same colors is connected. Moreover, big-ticket money can be got on chaining. ■I will break a safe block and will get still more nearly big-ticket money! You will aim at still more nearly big-ticket money for the safe block which appears occasionally using a bomb block! ■The money which accumulated can be checked with a passbook. The money obtained with the puzzle is entered in a passbook. I will save my own money rapidly. [!] When the capability of a terminal is low, it may not operate normally. [!] Update becomes impossible when there is not sufficient availability. [!] When there are few availabilities of a memory, it may not operate normally. [!] When operation is heavy or freezes and forces to terminate, if it plays since the application which is operating in the background is terminated, it may operate normally. [!] Environment which checked operation XPERIA UL [SOL22] Andoroid 4.2.2 GALAXY Note II [SC-02E] Andoroid 4.1.1 HTC J One [HTL22] Andoroid 4.2.2 NEXUS [NEXUS 7] Andoroid 4.2.2 NEXUS [NEXUS 7] Andoroid 4.3

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