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Our friend Blob has escaped the lab and he’s on the run. Blob is no ordinary run of the mill blob, he’s been infused with colour changing abilities. Change colour by jumping up and down and avoid the lasers. ‘Run Blob Run’ is an infinite runner inspired by a couple of great games Canabalt and Flywrench. Run Blob Run mixes the colour matching of Flywrench with the running and jumping of Canabalt to give it a unique take on the genre. Jumping changes your colour on the upward and downward flight. The lasers will only let you through if your colour matches. Tap on the left side of the screen’ to jump and the right side to dash, that’s about it. Sounds easy right? Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RunBlobRun Twitter https://twitter.com/escdev Blog http://www.ruxar.com/blog/

Run Blob Run
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