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RPSwipe is a twisted Rock, Paper, Scissors game. “Rock breaks Scissors, Scissors cut Paper and Paper covers Rock” are the main rules of the game. You swipe in any direction trying to make blue tiles beat red ones to increase your score. The game has three gameplay modes (Single, Vs Computer and Vs Human) that can be played with fixed amount of turns (40, 80, 160) or infinite.

Inspired by Threes, 2048 and Rock, Paper, Scissors.

“…is a game featuring an admittedly wildly twisted version of rock, paper, scissors that is simply ingenious and incredibly addictive.” Gnome / IndieGames

“RPSwipe isn’t quite Threes! (but then, what is?), but it’s an different take on the tile-based swipe puzzler that should interest veterans of the genre. The multiplayer mode is a neat addition, too.” Chris Priestman / PocketGamer

“RPSwipe is really great. My favourite part is the lovely music. I hope you sell tons of copies.” McFunkypants / OneGameAMonth

“RPSwipe is great! Very fun to play and a nice spin on Threes formula.” Talha Kaya / Kayabros

“Where other tile sliding games emphasize board clearing, RPSwipe requires a delicate balance of adversarial elements…” Stephen Altamirano / EvilRobotStuff

“RPSwipe is simple, relaxing game of rock, paper, scissor with relaxing music which gets you in the mood of the game.” Faisal Bakhurjj / Genius Force.

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