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Play as Rolo, the blue raccoon ball, as you venture out into a vibrant colorful world in a gravity defying quest to seal the deal with a sleeping beauty. Controls are simple and intuitive, roll by tilting the device and move the camera by swiping the screen. Nominated for “The Most Life Changing Experience This Side of the Millenium” by “The Game Award Show That By All Accounts Should Exist But By Some Unexplainable Twist of Fate Doesn’t”. One copy of this game includes: · Many thousands of polygons, each one lovingly crafted by hand · Tilt-To-Roll-Ball Action Gameplay · World-Rotating ramps that let you roll up walls and ceilings · Fully non-destructable environments · A cave, a pyramid, and a forest inside a tree, in which you can not see the tree for all the forest · Creepy bug enemies to watch out for · Collectable bits of gold that unlock the reward of Instantly Playing Sound · Beating this game gives you one real life achievement of having beaten this game · A beginning, middle and end · That thing you can’t really pin down that makes the game super awesome · No in-app purchases (except to buy the full game) So why wait! Invest that hard earned dollar of yours today and get your blue raccoon balls* rolling in this captivating adventure you and your family will love for years to come. Or just play the demo for free. *Only one blue raccoon ball included in game Quote: “Wow this game is amazing, I give it five stars!” – Lee Comstock a.k.a Volcanic-Penguin, creator of the said-to-be-amazing-and-worth-five-stars game Rolo *note that low-end phones may not handle 3d games so well*

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