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The Mom’s Choice Gold Awards WINNER!

No in-app purchases.

WARNING: Rollimals HD is just too much fun to put down! Amazing characters, gorgeous landscapes, whimsical effects, and fun challenges…It doesn’t matter how big, strong, or determined you are – Rollimals will pull you in and keep the fun rolling! It’s the challenging game that’s packed full of your favorite fun-loving animals in search of yummy ice cream snacks and crazy adventures.

Rollimals are adorable round critters that just love to chow down on snacks and have fun everywhere they go!

Roll and bounce across whimsical environments and eat as much as you want to gain bonus points and rewards. But it’s not that easy to get those tasty treats. You have to carefully bounce around sliding, slanting, dropping, springy, and rising platforms without dropping off the screen. And if you can do all that, then you can roll right into the fun vortex which transports you to the next more challenging environment with even more irresistible treats!


• Challenging your brain.
• Building your reflexes.
• Passing time between other stuff.
• Getting lost in a gorgeous animated world.
• Challenging your friends.
• Putting a smile on your face.
• Getting the giggles.

The graphics, music, and sound effects feel like they’re straight out of a popular animated motion picture from a major studio – it looks that cool!

Rollimals App FEATURES
• Intuitive, sleek interface.
• Feature-rich & Easy to use.
• Explore lush jungles, deep blue oceans, sunny savannahs and the freezing Arctic.
• Four cute Rollimals need your help! BounceRoll the Panda, Lion, Crab and the brave Sea Cow.
• Tons of mind-bending levels
• Out-of-the-box puzzles will keep the entire family entertained for hours.
• No in-app purchases.
• Optimization for all the latest mobile devices.
• Updates to ensure flawless use and new bonus features.

The World’s Most Addictive Game

Bounce off springy platforms to launch your Rollimal spinning into the air! But not too far or you’ll lose control and go flying right off the screen with no delicious snacks in your belly.


“When I’ve got some time between class to kill or even if I’ll stressed about something, I bust out my Rollimal HD and bounce into the most fun crazy world on any mobile game! Big smiles, crazy sounds, lovable animals…I’m smiling and carefree in about one minute when I play Rollimal! Get this app! Try it once and you’ll understand what I’m saying! Thanks Rollimal!”

— Ashley

Trust us, there’s nothing worse than seeing a sad Rollimal…Heck, they’re just like us! Give ‘em some sweet treats and bunch of fun and you can’t get that awesome smile off their faces!

HOW Rollimals App WORKS
• Open it up and it’s ready to play!
• Start at the beginning and earn bonuses and new levels.
• Tilt your phone to get your Rollimal rolling.
• Tilt to change directions or stop.
• Use the levers and bouncy platforms to get snacks and make it to the bottom.
• Maneuver into the fun vortex to advance and get your bonus.

Rollimals is the only game app you’ll ever want! Having fun and staying challenged and happy just got really simple: Rollimals!

Feel free to drop us a line! We’re always listening to your suggestions to improve Rollimals HD! If you have any issues with the app, just contact us and we will help you!

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