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You have the mission to rob different vaults in town.
The purpose in this game is to crack each safe and grab the loot, in order to jump to the next mission.

Find hidden objects, solve the different puzzles and try to see the clues forgotten in the room.

Special stage in each level: collect as much money as you can by avoiding the moving lasers. The best robber is able to fully drain the safe.

– 25 challenging free rooms available for the moment.

⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ Reviewed by JAYISGAMES:

The biggest selling points for The Robbery are its high-quality visuals and creative presentation. This isn’t a game that was slapped together with clip art and a couple lines of code. The artwork is dynamic and original, filled with little bonuses like wiggling trees or smiling fridge magnets. Interacting with this world is also surprisingly fluid, as you’ll twist safe doors and zoom in on objects with ease. Cracking safes is fun, not a hassle.

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