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Your life is in motion always in motion. Shouldn’t your profile be as well?
Introducing the video profile (vProfile) that will forever change how we present ourselves. Use your Playfan to create real connections with people in more direct and personal ways by showing them who you REALLY are, via video. You can stream video about anything you’d like; whether it be for fun showing you on your latest vacation adventure or for work, talking about your professional skills. Let Playfan be your personal calling card or cover letter that links you to the rest of the world.

– vProfile: Create in a more direct and personal way your profile in motion. Use the self-timer tool that allows you to delay time before recording your 15 second message.
– Regional vProfiles: This is the place to connect with new people who live and work near you.
– Link your vProfile: This tool will share your vProfile direction on any Internet platform.
– Inbox: Communicate privately in Playfan vProfile.
– Replay tool: Will help you let others know about your vProfile and in turn will increase your connections.
Playfan (vProfile) Availability:
– Available from Android 3.0+
– Table design coming soon

Supported Devices: