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“A well-designed puzzle game which is highly entertaining and gets you addicted in no time.” — Appszoom.com ———————– EARLY BIRD PROMOTION All advanced levels (+4 master levels) are temporarily available for free!! ———————– Easy to learn, tough to master! Guide your penguin across the Antarctic seas. Move the blocks in the right position to create a solid ice floor and let the penguin cross. A challenging puzzle game with levels varying from relaxing easy to brainteasing master level. ———————– Feedback or support [email protected] Like us on Facebook for tips, tricks and updates. http://facebook.com/penguinchallenge ————————- Tags brainteaser brain game puzzle penguins brain teaser puzzle game challenge mind game logic game jigsaw block game blocks block puzzel block puzzle block sliding block moving ice sheet ice floor ice floe antarcti block slide ice slide

Penguin Challenge
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