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Novv – fast news for people on the go.

Know what’s trending and most talked about in the world around your way. Read fascinating stories unfold live, every moment!

Novv is a collective storytelling platform that empowers everyday people to connect, encourage and inspire one another.

Become a part of this mosaic. Share your story, give and get support, be inspired and inspire others.

You can change the landscape of News, for the better.

Be you, be sure!


Why Novv?

There are a multitude of different things happening around the world. The newsmakers are filtering the news in their best or personal intentions to what they think we should know or love to know and they normally don’t report both sides of the story. Most of the news that makes to our corridors is always paid in some sense and hence a little drift towards the sponsor or well wisher would be almost unavoidable. It is limiting our perspective of the world and what’s happening around us. If we only consume what we like, what happens to the stuff we don’t like? So the question is really what are we not seeing, and if the stuff we are not seeing is affecting our perspective? One of the biggest dangers we have is that we continue along the same path everyday.

Novv allows everybody to be part of the flow of information. It allows us to find new and interesting information to express ourselves, in our language. Novv keeps oneself abreast of general awareness and things happening in the world, in real-time. While we can form opinions sitting on our working desks the realities on ground can be much different. Novv lets one discover the realities as spread throughout the world. It opens ones mental horizons and broadens the vision. It makes one realize how public sentiments are spread throughout. It makes us realize how the same ideal is seen by people of different lands.

Large media companies are not likely to go away overnight, but Novv is providing yet one more means of engaging with people on this vast planet of ours, and if used effectively can give all of us a greater choice in how we live and what happens in our world.

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