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mCall, Differentiate the calls that you missed.

Sometime we need extra information about call that we missed like who really tried to reach me and who did just give a missed call. mCall gives you difference between missed calls and actual calls that you missed. We can clearly see the differences and decide whom to call back first based on Actual/Missed calls data provided by mCall application.

Features –

1. Providing Notification for Actual/Missed calls.
2. Store Actual/Missed calls log in application. If you open application, you will get Actual/Missed calls log.
3. Actual/Missed calls log with duration of call, date/time and name/number.

Note – If user need to clear all log, just go to the Setting->Apps->mCall->Press Clear data.

Please put your comments, suggestion, bug report, error etc on Google Play, We will try and provide best support for that.

Enjoy mCall and stay tune with future update and other features.

Supported Devices: