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There are a lot of a Memory Games, but most of them have only a several boards and do not track a progress. The ‘GoMemo Memory Game’ was designed especially to exercise the memory more effectively, because: ★The score is calculated for each level and can be improved endlessly ★The Player see the scoreboard after finishing each level and is able to track the progress of memory improvements ★Each level has a different tiles arrangement, some of the levels have an empty spaces between the tiles, which introduce a small distraction ★Some of the tiles on an upper levels have subtle differences (e.g. both have a red background and a white mark on it, but the mark shape is different) ★Has above 50 levels The GoMemo is for kids, parents and grandparents. For everyone who wants to improve the memory, concentration and learning ability. Let’s go memory – Gomemo! Boost your memory power, concentration and learning ability by playing GoMemo. This classic memory game is simple and perfect to warm up your brain at the beginning of the day. GoMemo is an awesome game to improve memory and brain condition. Playing it regularly you can train your memory and keep yourself mentally sharp, all while enjoying time well spent challenging yourself to improve your game score. You will love the fantastic graphics and unique symbols on the matching tiles. To play: You merely flip over any random card and not the symbol, find the matching symbol under any other tile and the pair will stay facing up. If you don’t find the mate, it will be flipped back side up and remain hidden until you find its mate. Remember where it is so you can find the other half later on. This game is obviously professionally developed to meld fun with hours and hours of gaming and memory exercise. To measure how much your memory has improved, you can look at scoreboard after finishing each level. To boost your score you have to decrease the time and the cards you need to flip in order. Those convincing results should be enough to keep you playing, let alone how totally fun and addictive it is to match the symbols on the cards. There have been many people through out history that have trained their memories to do amazing feats of mental recall through various techniques. All of them had one thing in common, they practiced memorizing things. That seems to be a key ingredient to memory and brain training success. Just start here, with GoMemo, and see how pleased you will be with the game and the brain training. You may not get as good as Jonas Von Essen, the world Champion memory competitor, who trained his memory, and can memorize three decks of cards within an hour, but for now, this seems like a good way to start becoming better at memorizing things. Using memory leads to becoming better at remembering things, even if your mind tells you that your memory is not very good. If you are one of the people who felt that your memory is poor, you may soon realized that it was merely a matter of practice. See if you come to this conclusion after playing GoMemo and games like it, seeing the number of moves was decreasing after playing a few times is very exciting. Having fun and building memory skills can only make the brain better. After all, how can making ones memory better be a bad thing? The plus side is that you don’t have to go through rigorous hours of memorizing things to see your improvement. Though the results may not be as dramatic as memorizing every postal code in the country, as one person did, there was still an improvement and gaining that was fun! Playing games on mobile devices is always fun, knowing that you are improving your memory and exercising your brain while enjoying the process is even better than you could imagine, while training with the GoMemo memory game. GoMemo is an amazing game that might just help you or your kids improve memory and concentration. ———- Copyright © GoMemoGames.com

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