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9 Millions jobs online.
900 that might match with your skills.
1 job will change your life.

There are hundreds of job boards. But many of my friends are still unable to find a job that makes them happy, matching with their skills and ambitions. Why? Because they don’t want to look through hundreds of job boards, spending hours reading, scrolling, writing to apply and wait for 2 weeks to have an employer answer. It’s a hassle.

Let’s fix it, let’s make it fast, great and easier :
#links, the job-people matchmaker for the mobile first, Y generation.

#Links allows job seeker to find the perfect job that match with their #skills & ambitions in just a few finger swipes and by leveraging on their friends jobs referrals.

#Links allows job owners to quickly find the best talent around by selecting among a #skills & location filtered list of profiles that match the company needs.

If the employer is interested by your profile, you can directly chat with him on your mobile!

With #links mobile app, by jobs aggregating, #skills matching and social hiring :
Employer can now afford to find the employee of their dream and job seeker can easier, faster get the dreamed job that will make their life better.

Business, Social Networking
Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad