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Link2sell is an application used to promote your used and new items and services while providing high visibility to the posted items around you and in the limit of 150 KM.
You can create your own shop by posting your handmade products & others, or even find a job or an apartment near you on Link2sell!
Link2sell is expanding its activity in new countries and it will do its best to promote your items, please help us to increase the visibility of your product by inviting more people to download link2sell.
Relocating to a new city or country has never been easier; Link2sell is your pocket guide for any item to buy or sell around you.
Everybody have old & used items to sell and Link2sell will facilitate this process to any user with a click of a button.
Moreover, buying has never been easier as sellers can be contacted directly on the application through direct messages on every item posted.
What are you waiting for? Download Link2sell today and start selling your individual used and new items such as cars, televisions, mobiles, boats, computers, home appliances, motorcycles, services or even your pets or start buying things that you need.
Items are categorized in the application in a way to facilitate the search; you can also limit the distance up to 150 KM around you and find out what the closest item to you is.
All offers are posted by the seller only, thus you are only responsible for any breach of our Terms & Conditions or to any law. WEAPONS, DRUGS, OR ANY ITEMS restricted by law are strictly prohibited; you will be responsible for your behavior.
How does it work? It’s pretty easy as we don’t want any difficulties or time consuming posting!
1. You will have to enable your GPS to be able to use the application, everything in is based on your location for better findings and searches.
2. Click on post,
3. Enter a title for the item you want to sell,
4. Enter an accurate description for your item,
5. Post pictures either from your gallery or take them on the go,
6. Click on the correct category & subcategory you would like your item to be featured in,
7. Location will be identified automatically with a possibility of adding your own location
8. Your phone number,
9. Manual entry for the price & currency,
… And that’s it, your post is on Link2sell & will be seen by people around you! Once posted, the item will be displayed in both latest items & the category you specified. Your post will be automatically deleted two months after you post it.
You can always boost your post to feature it on the first page for better exposure and faster selling!
Link2sell offers many services:
– Every post is having a view count, which will tell the seller how many times the post has been clicked on.
– A map view to locate items around you.
– A profile page that will inform you on your post activities.
– An interactive, fast & accurate chat portal free of charge to interact with your customers.
Please do rate the application after downloading & using it so we can get feedback from you, whether it’s good or bad… we will always work to satisfy your needs!
Don’t forget, SHARING IS CARING!
Hurry, your next item to buy is waiting for you on Link2sell!

Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad