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Search for people around the world, or chat with friends.
No need to change between networking and chat apps when you have Kinkle.
Kinkle keeps your conversations private with Flash messages.

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Video Profile
Timed ‘Flash’ messages (text, photo, video)
Normal messages (text, photo, video)
Access camera roll for photos
Interactive map (drop a pin anywhere in the world)
Search by age, distance, location and gender.
Interactive people wall (view lots of people at once)
View people one at a time (swipe left or right)
View people section in landscape
Mutual Friends
Swipe up to invite
Login with Facebook

HOW TO USE KINKLE (recommended)

Start your Kinkle experience by browsing the people section. If you find someone you know or like you can invite them by swiping up.
To move forward just create an account or login with Facebook.

From here on use the menu on the left and work from bottom to top.


Optional upgrades for those wanting a smoother experience. Including:

30 sec timed ‘Flash’ messages
Search by location (anywhere in the world)
Remove ads, for a clean look, and of course.
All of the above.


Set up your profile. Don’t forget a funny video. If you logged in with Facebook you may be able to immediately connect with friends on Kinkle, simply click on their profile picture.


Here is where you can search within a radius of your location (up to 500km/310miles) for friends or new people. If you are a Kinkle+ user you can search anywhere in the world using our unique map (go ahead drop a pin anywhere you like). You can also change your location to throw your friends off guard.


This is where you will find the people within your search criteria. Once everyone in your criteria runs out we will show you everyone else on Kinkle in no particular order to keep things interesting. So even if you are a free user you can see everyone on our network at anytime. Just keep scrolling across the wall, or you can click on a profile and then swipe left or right through the profiles. The people section works in landscape too!

Found a friend or someone you like? Just swipe up on their photo to send an invitation.


Browse through the invites you have sent, and if you are lucky you may have received some already.


Ok, so you are a pretty interesting person and someone wants to get to know you. Or maybe it’s just your mum… Anyway, here you can send text, photo and video. Just click on their profile. You can also send timed ‘Flash’ messages. Unlike other apps this feature only times out while the receiver is viewing the message, so you get a lot more out of your few seconds. You can also share photos from your camera roll if you so desire.

Thanks for using Kinkle.

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