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Kakuro, also known as Cross Sums, is a logic puzzle played on a grid of filled and barred cells, called “black” and “white” respectively.

Black cells contain a diagonal slash and numbers on bottom or right side. Goal is to place one digit from 1 to 9 in each empty box so that the sum of the digits in each set of consecutive white boxes(horizontal or vertical) is the number appearing to the left of a set or above the set. No number may appear more than once in any consecutive boxes.

Kakuro mixes approaches of Crosswords and Sudoku. Fans of these Japanese logic puzzles will enjoy Kakuro Cross Sums. An Unlimited number of puzzles can be generated of different sizes from 6×6 for beginners to 16×16 for best players. With autosave game feature, you can solve a Kakuro in several hours and days.

Rules of Kakuro are quite simple but solve a puzzle can be very hard and challenge your brain. To help you in this resolution and improve your game experience, Kakuro Cross Sums offers you some helpers to :
* Touch a clue cell and an helper dialog will open displaying sums that are possible for the number to find and the number of cells to fill.
* Highlight constraints row vertically and horizontally when you touch an empty cell.
* Highlight repeated digits in a constrained row vertically or horizontally.
* Dynamic clues to update the values of clues when you enter digit in a number of row horizontally or vertically.

With its Material Design UI, Kakuro has a smooth and clean interface that will let you enjoy playing. You can also profit of the possibility to mark some notes on cells by touching several keys for a selected cell.

Kakuro lets you to compare your scores with all other players around the World thanks to Google Play Games integration. A lot of achievements are also available and can be unlock by playing to Kakuro. A General Score Leaderboard will let to determinate the better player to Kakuro.

Don’t hesitate to share your result on social networks to gain extra points and improve your general score. If you prefer play locally, don’t worry. Local best records are also managed.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to help me to improve Kakuro or give your feedbacks via email : [email protected]

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