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Jump Hit is an infinite ball jumping game.
You can jump the ball with simply touching the screen.
You should avoid the triangles and holes, if you don’t game over.

There are 3 different power-ups;
– Shield, protects you from triangles. You can collide with triangles without no harm when you have shield.
– Magnet, gives you power to pull all the gems to you. With magnets you can collect the gems easily.
– Expander, makes you bigger. Being big is gives you the advantage of passing the holes without falling and colliding triangles for one time. If you collide with a triangle when you are big, you are going to be small but you are going to continue playing without game over.

Collect Gems as much as you can

-With collecting gems you can upgrade your power-ups. To upgrade your power-ups go to menu and press shop button. If you have enough gem you can upgrade your power-ups.

Be number one on the Leaderboard

-Connect to the game with game center and beat your friends high scores on leaderboard. Be the number one.

– Do not forget to complete the achievements. There are 27 achievements are waiting for to be achieved. You will also get google play services points if you achieve these.

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Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad