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Discover the colorful world of Jetpack High and its too cute hero, Little Birdy and Pamboo. Put on your jetpack and goes up as high as possible and avoid all obstacles on your way. Go to the rescue of the bride Little Birdy. Avoid flames, cutting circular saws, electric zappers, the homing missiles that will prevent you from being the number one world ranking. Catch all bonuses with your jetpack to help you always go higher into space and raises the maximum coins to upgrade your equipment and your power up. Features: . too cute characters with jetpack . Touch or tilt control choice . Some funny deaths . a high-powered jetpack . Missions and level up to share . levels completely wacky character . Hours of free game . Share your score and your rank with your friends on Facebook. #### ** Jetpach High est un petit jeu fort sympathique qui rappellera à certains joueurs quelques classiques du genre. ** margxt.fr “Jetpack High is a perfect addition to your easy-gaming collection.” – AppsHappens.com “Jetpack High is a pretty fun game for people of all ages and skills.” – AppsHappens.com #### Find your favorite hero on the Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/chaos.JetpackHigh Follow Chaos Interactive on Twitter https://twitter.com/Chaos_Games #### Language supported: . English . French #### If you encounter a bug, please let us know in android [at] chaos-interactive.com, do not notice the game before we have fixed the bug. thank you SOON: . wallpaper . duel

Jetpack High: a bird story
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