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Every day people look for Songs, Videos, Books, Places to go and Social networks.
All this through the sites or various apps, which many times makes searching not very practical.

Have you ever thought if were possible find it all in a unique application ? AND THE BEST:
You could find what you desire “just with 2 or 3 clicks” !?

I’m pleased to present you “All In Your Hands”, the application which unite in a unique place Songs, Videos, Books, Places near of you and more!

Main features:
– App available in 2 languages (English and Portuguese-Brazil )
– Search mecanism for: Songs, Videos, Books and Places near of you
– Embedded player for listen to songs and videos
– Viewer for books
– Weather (includes weather forecast of the next 6 days)
– A funny chat to talk with different people around the world
– Places Near of you ( with map which shows how to arrive at the destiny place and still a preview of it )
– Ads: this app has ads

Supported Devices: