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Gluu.me is a global social networking application that allows you to locate other Gluu.me users on the map and communicate with them.
Find your friends current locations, or try the “Gluu.me” option to meet new and interesting people. All of our users are real. There are no fake profiles!
Gluu.me has been translated into seven languages: Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Chinese.
1. Locate and track your friends on the map
2. Share your location on your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profile
3. If you want to make yourself invisible turn on the HIDE LOCATION or HIDE FROM GROUPS option
4. Send a message to a friend, a group, or unknown user
5. Use the CHAT FINDER option to send a random chat request to users nearby and/or the FLIRT CHAT option where your messages will be deleted within 60 seconds of being sent or opened
6. Upload photos or videos and share them with your friends and the entire world
7. Write your posts directly on the map for everyone to see
8. Customize your profile and let other people find out who you are
9. Earn points and status by making new friends
Gluu.me allows you to access your mobile contacts from within the app. Sort your contact list, set up groups, and communicate with anyone you want, without ever leaving the app!
Invite your friends to join Gluu.me via SMS or Facebook using the “Invite a friend” option. Invite as many friends as you can and have more fun!
Gluu.me will send you a push notification each time you receive a new message, get poked, or even if you have friends nearby.
Feel free to contact us if you detect a problem with the app (bugs) or within the app, if you detect objectionable content or if you detect a user who is generating that kind of content, if someone is harassing you, or for any reason whatsoever, at [email protected]

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