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Folds is a puzzle game with a difference. An entirely new gameplay makes Folds so unique. Try all colored triangles fold. You have to take to the field the triangles with skill position such that contrasts with a color pair. These pairs can be folded together. But beware whither thou faltest.
There are always two opposing triangles needed. Lets once your concentration and after you fold wrong, then all of your successfully solved levels are lost.
And if you believe that you Folds dominates, then this game will surprise you again. Through a complex fold your full concentration is benötiget not to lose.
The complex level design created for you again and again new levels for new challenges.
The app is able Suitability for families so that six players to store and manage your saved games. These are selected at the beginning of the game its own character manages the levels, score and high score. An animated game instructions completes the puzzle game from. Folds is a universal app for Ipad and Iphone. http://www.youtube.com/user/GameplayFolds http://www.facebook.com/app.folds Support: support @ picopeople .com

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