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Flower Lamps is an incredible blend of puzzle and strategy, based on the ability to combine colors, reason logically, and think several turns ahead. In store for you is a one-of-a-kind gameplay, exotic and mysterious creatures from another world, vibrant 3D graphics, and many levels that call for shrewd and skilful strategy.
Flower Lamps will immerse you in the colorful world of Flowers, besieged by the predatory Tremoras. Spreading like the plague, Tremoras bring desolation and despair to vistas that were once blooming and brimming with life. The world is on a brink of extinction. The flowers must consolidate their efforts and start recapturing their land from the Tremoras. Will you be able to help them?
At the heart of the game is the use of different color shoots to defeat the different color Tremoras. Each requires a specific strategy, and finding an optimal place to plant a shoot is not as simple as it seems!
✔ SAVE THE PEACEFUL VALLEY OF FLOWERS from the onslaught of aggressive Tremors!
✔ CULTIVATE FLOWERS and protect them from enemies.
✔ PICK AND MIX COLORS to defeat your opponents.
✔ COMPLETE ALL THE COLORFUL BIOME ZONES, featuring unique ambience and objects.
✔ OVER 100 LEVELS with different problems to solve. *
Flower Lamps is a puzzle with plenty of nonstandard solutions. It is an explosion of colors to brighten your mood. The game’s unconventional mechanic is truly one of a kind, and is sure to be a hit among those who like games of logic that also pose a challenge!
* The number of levels is limited in the free version of the game.

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