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Projection mapping for the iPad.

With Flashlines you become an light-artist within seconds.
It is great for Parties, Bars, Clubs, Events or for your own joy. You can project on almost anything and create stunning effects.

Flashlines comes for free but with short advertising interruptions. You can get rid of it by purchasing projection time through the in-app store.

— What can you do with the Flashlines app? —

This app enables you to create projection mappings within seconds. All you need is:

– an iPad
– a video adapter
– a video projector

You want a blinking disco floor in your kitchen? No problem! Or would you like to enhance the facade of your building? Simply overlay the reality with your projections.
You can define the illuminated areas directly in the projection by tapping on the basic points and illuminate whatever you like with animated shapes and lines.
This app is perfect for events, ambient lighting and party lighting. If you own a bar or a restaurant it is a cheap way to create fantastic light atmosphere.

— What functions offers the app? —

We designed the user interface to be as easy to use as possible. The tools are arranged around a black viewport that represents your projection. You can add points simply by tapping on the screen and move your finger. The point appears in the projection at the same time. Like this you can easily adjust the polygons you create.

You can expand and collapse all the important controls from the sides of the screen. This enables you to play flashlines just like an instrument.

There are 4 animation types:

1. The shapes you defined blink in random order.

2. random shapes that use the points you defined blink.

3. the outlines of your shapes blink in random order.

4. random lines between the points you defined blink.

You can blend smoothly between the animation modes.
The choice which element blinks at a time is made randomly by the program.

There are 4 color modes:

1. colorful colors. A random hue value with full saturation for each blinking element.

2. not so colorful colors. A random rgb value for each blinking element.

3. greyscale. A random greyscale value for each blinking element.

4. choose a color mood with the color-picker.

Also you are able to influence the speed of the animation.

You can tap the speed and easily adjust it to music or you can enter a specific bpm.
Play/Pause the animation is also possible..
There are 9 slots to save and load different setups into.
This enables you to prepare multiple styles for one place.

To find more informations and watch tutorials, please visit flashlines.net

— What iPad do you need? —

Flashlines runs on all iPads with iOs7.

— How much is it to buy further projection time? —

You can purchase further projection time without watermark through our In-App-Store.

5 hours for 4,45€ (perfect for one evening)
20 hours for 16,99€
1 month for 39,99€

If you choose the last option you can use Flashlines for as many hours as you like in the next 30 days after the purchase.

The purchase of projection time is bound to your device and doesn’t spread to other devices with your Apple ID.

Supported Devices: