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Evader, a challenging fast reaction-based game in 8bit retro style, filled with sci-fi nostalgia. Dodge the asteroids and rack up your points showing off your cat-like reflexes to your friends.

Can you unlock all ships and claim the title of Master-Evader?

8 ships(7 unlockable) each with his own music and background objects.
Awesome science-fiction nostalgia references.
Google Play leaderboards and achievements.
Easy tweet your score button.
Two types of powerups.
A strategic score multiplier mechanic.
Lots of asteroids.
8bit retro style graphics.

Version 1.1:
Evader now includes leaderboards provided by Google Play Services. If you want your score to be registered you have to login to Google Play when you start Evader.
Leaderboards have been provided for each ship type separately and a common one.

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