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Children’s interactive educational magazine. The magazine is for children aged 2 to 10. Colorful pictures and interesting tasks will help your child improve learning skills and begin to understand the world around us. The magazine includes tasks for developing attention, imagination, logical thinking, memory and speech, which are so important at an early age.

A big plus of the magazine is that the tasks can and should be done again and again, as often as your child wishes. It will help your toddler acquire skills that will be useful in the future at school.

At the moment the catalog contains the following topics of magazines.

Educational Interactive Magazines for kids:
– Spring
– Professions
– Animals
– Appliances
– Fruits and vegetables

Edutainment Magazines for toddlers
– Edutainment Games №1
– Edutainment Games №2
– Edutainment Games №3

Photo Magazines for toddlers:
– Animals
– Birds and insects
– The inhabitants of rivers, seas, lakes
– Musical instruments
– Nature and natural phenomena
– Transport
– Sports activities
– Famous Buildings and Structures
– Emotions and actions
– Berries, fruits, vegetables
– One-many
– Opposites and comparison

What is the best way to work with the magazine? The tasks go from the simple to the more complex, so we recommended doing them in order. This will help your child gain confidence in performing the tasks so that he will or she will be happy to go further without losing interest in the topic.

When working with the magazine it is recommended not to do more than 3 to 4 tasks at a time. Do the tasks with your child, talk to him or her, explaining the interesting and challenging moments. This aids children’s development and encourages them to talk about what they are doing. The magazine has a variety of game tasks to improve attention, logic and memory. Try to play for no more than 10 minutes at a time in order not to tire your child.

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