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Meow… Meooow…
The CATs so hungry and wanna eat FISH.
Wow! There is so many fish on the lake.
But, how to CATCH it?
Let’s we catch but don’t get WET…!!!

★ Challenging and super FUN gameplay!
★ CUTE kitten you can play with!
★ Compete your score with friends in an ENDLESS level…!
★ Collect all the ADORABLE cat!

Help the Cat to catch fish that washed up on the driftwood on the lake.
Just TAP on the driftwood to make a cat jump there, and catch the Fish stranded in the wood.
But remember, you cannot make a Cat jump too far!
Be aware, there’s a poisonous Frogs, don’t eat it! And spikes too, don’t touch it!
And of course our Cat cannot swim, don’t tap on the water because Cat will jump there.
Catch as many fish as you can! Achieve the highest score and be the master of LEADERBOARD !!!

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Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad