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1) Dogalize is the Best Social Network dedicated to our 4-legged friends!
2) You can geolocalize our 4-legged friends, videocall and chat with your friends, search and locate dog-friendly places, such as dogs’ areas, restaurants, hotel, veterinarians, pet shops and much more…
3) Dogalize is the App that allows you to interact with all social networks sharing experiences and multimedia content such as post, photos and videos about your dog with other dogs’ owners.
4) Thanks to the geolocation system you can pinpoint the location of our 4-legged friends as well as local dog-friendly places as playgrounds, restaurants, hotels and pets stores.
5) With Dogalize you can communicate with friends, create groups, chat, make calls and videocalls, share experiences contacting other users or directly ask for help to the veterinarian.
6) Dogalize has been awarded among the first 3 APP for the category “Community & Social” at SMAU 2013.
Some functions of Dogalize:
a) FRIENDS: Find new friends and see how they take care of their dogs
b) KENNELS: You can see all the kennels that are registered in our Partner area
c) Chat: Use cool emoticons and share photos, videos and post
d) Videocall: Videocall your friends free and share in real time the experiences and games that you do with your 4-legged friend
e) Geolocation: With the integrated Google Map system you can search and geolocalize friends, places and local dog-friendly such as dogs’ areas, parks, kennels, restaurants, vets and pets shops
f) Check In: Add in your post where and with who you are!You can share and advise the best places for our dogs
g) Veterinarian: You can call or video-call directly the available veterinarians.

Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad