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One year has passed after last mission of the Morning Star in Gamma sector, the mission was completed, but not for all questions we have the answers…
You got new mission, the storm is coming, we are standing on the edge of massive invasion, several unfriendly races united in the alliance and their forces already near our borders. We must be ready! We must be prepared!

• Play more than 20 entirely unique action missions
• Take a part in epic space battles with different types of space ships and alien races
• Build your own fleet
• Use tactical decisions against enemies fleets
• Use unique types of weapons against your enemies
• Maneuver up to 7 fighters at once
• Control up to 8 support ships at once
• Survive unknown gravitational anomalies
• Collect resources to repair and upgrade your ship and fleet
• Rank on game center leader boards
• Optimized for iPad Air and iPad Mini 2

Enjoy the new space strategy game!

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