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CluckCluck, an app created by two moms, makes managing any childcare scenario a breeze.

CluckCluck lets you send an invitation to all of your go-to sitters at once (no more texting your entire roster). When your babysitter is on the clock, she can access profiles you’ve created for each of your children, and send one-touch updates on tasks like feedings and naps. The sitter can also add notes and photos to the updates, making real-time communication streamlined and centralized.

Sitters also have quick access to your list of emergency contacts – important info and phone numbers are always at their fingertips. (If your sitter doesn’t have the app, all info can be shared via email.) And no more rushing to the ATM on your way home – just pay through the app.

Parents are always in control of who can access information about each individual child as well as the family’s emergency contact information. Parents can turn access on and off for sitters used only occasionally, or leave access on constantly for a grandparent or a nanny who helps everyday.

Babble calls CluckCluck “pretty amazing” and “simple and organized”. CluckCluck: More information, better updates, less stress.

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