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Soaring high in the sky against a silhouette of skyscrapers are the rebellious City Birds! These know-it-all birds believe they are fleeing from captivity but are actually flying towards their doom! Do you have what it takes to get an upper hand over their outlandish antics, put them back in their place (literally!), and bundle them off to the Wildlife Preserve! How many can you save?

• An endless arcade game that pushes the color-matching genre into exciting new territory

If quick thinking and nail-biting action give you an adrenaline rush, you’re going to love this game! Conquer challenges, earn coins, hone your strategic thinking skills and crush your friends’ high score (or try to outdo your own). You’ll enjoy hours of frenzied bird-saving fun with City Birds.

• Captivating gameplay that has the authenticity all gamers crave

City Birds is so easy to understand that you just need to pick it up and start playing. Maneuver each bird to a cage of the same color before it flies off the screen. But remember, like all birds, these feathered fellows don’t like to be caged. The City Birds will fight you at every turn by launching dive-bombing eggs, floating booby-trapped balloons and even strapping on jet packs to outrun you!

Keep saving birds as the difficulty increases and survive for as long as you can. You will need a combination of concentration, hand-eye coordination, resilience, and cognitive skills to deal with the temper tantrums of these unruly birds.

• Maximize your score by unlocking new birds and earning bonus coins

City Birds has 9 unique birds to be unlocked with many more on the way. Each bird has a value of its own that helps you earn more coins and take your score to new heights. Earn bonus coins by swiping/tapping on gift boxes tied to floating balloons. Complete challenges to increase your Score Multiplier and create color combo chains on-the-fly to boost your score. Looking for more? Make an in-app purchase to get yourself a pack/bag/chest of coins, or even double the coins you earn.

• An utterly addictive matching game with a personality and style of its own

City Birds is filled with cute, memorable characters you can’t help but fall in love with. Fluid animation, crisp design, hilarious sound effects, and intuitive touch-and-drag mechanics make this the perfect combination of fun and action. Additional game features include a high scorers list as well as a global leader board. Compete against yourself and your friends, then see how you measure up against players from all over the world. Everyone will want to get involved in the bird-rescue operations!

• Get ready for plenty of fast-paced swiping while you save the City Birds from themselves!

City Birds offers irresistible fun for everybody aged 5 to 95 and hooks you at the moment you hit ‘Play’! The exhilaration you experience while steering the birds to safety, completing challenges, creating milestones, and earning coins is immense. But be warned – your fingers are likely to become sore with all the frantic swiping and tapping!

These crazy birdies are here to drive you insane! Can you outsmart them? Let us know!

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