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The BEST Online Multiplayer chain reaction game on the store!

Play with 2 to 8 players ONLINE or OFFLINE!

Create PRIVATE rooms to play online with your friends. Don’t have friends to play with? Play on a random room to test your skills in the open world! Don’t have internet access?? Don’t worry! You can play offline too, on a single screen!

The goal of the game is to DOMINATE the grid (…or the REACTOR) by eliminating ATOMS of all other players in the REACTOR.

Place ATOMS in the reactor cells by touching the screen. Fill the cells enough to EXPLODE them, and scatter atoms in neighbouring cells, and occupying them, and converting any other atoms in them, and may cause a further EXPLOSION if that cell is also filled up, causing a CHAIN REACTION.

Create CHAIN REACTIONS to surprise your opponents, and DOMINATE the REACTOR!

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