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Chaatz is a Social Messaging Platform for everyday users who have more than 1 mobile number, or wishes to have more than one profile. Chaatz is the only platform that allows multiple profiles on a single device. Chaatz also gives the users access to a private profile using a very special Chaatz Connect profile through which interactions, conversations and identities can be private and/or anonymous.

– Create a very private profile with your Chaatz Connect profile to have private identities and conversations with your contacts.

– Create multiple profiles to manage professional, personal and private conversations.

– “Chaatz Connect” is for Chaatz users who like to meet others through the Chaatz Service in a relaxed environment and enjoy being social. Talk to new friends via Chaatz Connect. Expand your circle of friends via Chaatz Connect.

– Share Photos, Voice Messages, Animaticons, Voicecons, Private and Group Messaging.

– Keep your secrets safe.. Send SECRET MESSAGES that auto-delete after reading.

– Chaatz is free of charge, however carrier data charges may apply.

Supported Devices: