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***Never Lose A Moment With Capt-it!*** WHAT IS IT? With Capt-It, you are always one click away from an awesome capture! Capt-It allows you to save the last few minutes so that you can immortalize incredible moments, some hard to remember information, promises, great ideas or something misunderstood. With Capt-It, your options are endless! HOW IT WORKS? 1. Start-It Once you have selected the time lapse that you want, Start-It! 2. Speak-It Once active, Capt-It will listen to everything around you, BUT it will not save anything until you ask it to. 3. Capt-It Once you have decided to save an awesome moment that just arrived, click the big button to Capt-It! For example: If you have selected 2 minutes as your time lapse, you will save the 2 last minutes before your capture. IMPORTANT TECHNICAL ASPECTS -Once activated, Capt-It will buffer the sounds depending on the time you choose. -Capt-It saves the capture on your device ONLY WHEN YOU CAPT-IT, so no need to worry about your device memory. -The quality of the captures can be affected by the environment in which you put your device. -The usage of the battery is optimize. If Capt-It is active, battery life may still decrease a little bit faster. WHAT’S IN THE FULL VERSION? -NO ADS -TRIM AUDIO FILE FUNCTIONALITY -CAPTURE FROM LOCK SCREEN BY PRESSING THE VOLUME BUTTON (NO NEED TO REOPEN THE APPLICATION) ***Legal aspect: Capt-It users are the only one responsible for the captures done by the application. The decision of capturing delicate information is not recommended. Capt-It is a tool. Capt-It creators are not responsible for any action done by the user of this tool. Every captures are only saved on the user’s device so that they stay confidential.

Capt It (Free)
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