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Reduce your fuel consumption with Camélys eco-driving mobile app. Camélys inform you about your driving style through a trip score (eco-driving rate) and 3 smileys (breaking, acceleration and speed) displayed in real time. Improving this score is also reducing your consumption and saving money displayed in real-time for each trip. As a real driving assistant app, Camélys keeps you informed of your arrival time at destination. → All Camélys app features in detail: – Eco-driving indicator – Cost of trip and saving in accordance with your driving – Estimated arrival time – Assistance when car breakdown – Automatic SMS sending option (to a contact) of your vehicle location during the trip – Vehicle fuel consumption follow-up – Speed, mileage, driving time per trip – Professional mileage – Trailer or caravan mileage – All trips or individual trip statistics (data – figures) Free evaluation (Lite) version is available for 2 driving hours in several trips or unlimited duration for a single trip. All the paid app features are available in the Lite Version for 15 days. Have a look on our on-line assistance: http://www.apikod.com/en/presentation-camelys-application-mobile/frequent-questions-answers/ Willing new features? Contact us at http://www.apikod.com/en/contact-us/ Do not forget to assess this application Follow us on: . Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ApikodEN . Google+ https://plus.google.com/+ApikodUK/posts . LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/apikod . YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/ApikodUK/videos

Camélys Lite
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