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Blind in the City / Blind in Chennai is a navigation tool based on the Munich Orientation Convention.

It divides the city like a cake into 12 sectors and also lets you know location codes, making it easier to answer the question “where?” than with names, post codes, lat/lon or “here” on maps.

This app works with GPS and VoiceOver, includes a compass and also lets know the direction to the centre of town. With this, anyone can VolksNavigate(c), that means, guide himself around the centre as elegantly as in Rio de Janeiro around the Statue of Christ: inwards/outwards and clockwise/counter clockwise. The instructions are mainly on www.volksnav.de/blind.

Blind in the city is suitable for all those who can’t or don’t like to read maps and/or prefer to deal with 12 instead of 360 directions.

The main benefits are a higher awareness for locations, directions, distances and angles, a common language for all nations and a self-guiding in many cases.

Other apps for cities acc. to www.volksnav.de/mapplet will be released.

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